This is your year to
reveal & step into your brilliance,
up level your business, brand & sales skills,
to amplify your influence
The Gifted Entrepreneur

One year

One decision

To go all in

On yourself

On your business

Discover how to turn your story
into a profitable & scalable business
without the overwhelm, confusion,
burnout & noise.

For those who are newer, established or thriving. Excellence knows no bounds. It's not about where you currently are, it's about where you *know* without a doubt you're going.

Spend the year in The Gifted Entrepreneur 
& let's leverage your gifts & take your
business to the next level together to
effectively growing & evolving you
and your business.
A multi-million dollar business doesn't happen by doing "all the things" - it happens by zoning in on your zone of genius!

This is a year of focusing on your brilliance, to build a solid & sustainable business model that has the influence (brand) to move god damn mountains!

Individually valued at $40,000


ONLY $8,000

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BY PURCHASING THE GIFTED ENTREPRENEUR MENTORING EXPERIENCE YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING: This offer is non-refundable, and if you are using a payment plan you are obligated to pay as agreed, on the dates agreed and in full, regardless of how you utilize the offer. This is a minimum payment of $8000 AUD (or payment plan option which is $8000 AUD)Strictly no refunds for the all in year long experience under ANY circumstances. If payments are late or not fulfilled you will be removed from the offer until payments are back in good standing and fulfilled. This is a one year commitment. Through investing you are committing to one whole year of the all in year long experience - therefore you are obligated to pay the entire 12 months of payments. This offer is Tayla Bubeck Pty Ltd's Intellectual Property, therefore you CAN NOT repurpose, duplicate, copy or sell this content in ANY way shape or form, without Tayla Bubeck's written permission.This offer does not include Masterminds, retreats, 1:1 coaching/mentoring or any other high touch containers. When Tayla releases a new live offer it is up to her whether or not it is included in THE GIFTED ENTREPRENEUR. If your need your payment plan paused or changed you will incur a $10 admin fee.
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    4 x quarterly $2,0004x $2000.00
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    12 x monthly $66612x $666.00

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THE GIFTED ENTREPRENEURThe Mastermind & Personalised Roadmap to your Success in Business, Relationships, Money & Life!$0

Special Offer
Add on monthly 1:1 calls for the 12 months

12  x monthly Private Call x 60 mins [every single month for a year]

Valued at $1500 x 12 = total value 18k - but you get a discount today for only 12k

(if you want a monthly payment plan - please message me privately and I will organize)

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365 days to change your whole life & business!

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Common Burning Questions

If something wasn't answered - PLEASE DM me on instagram & I would love to help you with anything you're unsure of!

  • Are there payment plans?
    - Yes! I have plenty of flexible payment plans
    - Payment plans are NOT try before you buy - this IS a 12 month commitment
  • Are the offers business or offers for anyone?
    - They are a mix. There is both business & personal offers.
    - Predominantly, this is a business offer to help grow, support & take your business to the next level of success & fulfilment.
  • Are there refunds?
    - There are no options for a refund and no refunds will be processed after you have purchased.
    - If you choose a payment plan, you are legally obligated to pay the amount in full regardless or participation.
    - This is a 12 month lock in minimum
    - Access to content is for 1 year
    - Please be very sure on your choice before buying as this is a commitment - there will be no exceptions
  • How much 1:1 access is there?
    There is a 1:1 x 1 private call with Tayla upon joining
    There is a 1:1 x 1 month in private whats app with Tayla to use either straight up or throughout the year
    There is the a Quarterly 1:1 private call with Tayla (every 3 months) to make sure you're on track & getting personalised support & guidance

    There is also 2 x group mastermind monthly call where you can jump on and get hot seat coaching which is personalised to you

    There is then a mastermind group chat where you can ask any questions for support throughout the year - you have access to this chat to get personalised support for 365 days

    Upgrades for more 1:1 access can be added on inside
  • How does the mastermind aspect of TGE work?
    - There is 2 x group mastermind monthly call where you can jump on and get hot seat coaching which is personalised to you
    - There is a mastermind group chat where you can get support from the other members and Tayla; you have 365 days access to the chat
    - You have life time access to the replays of these calls
    - You can submit questions for feedback in advance if you can't make the calls
    - There 'may' be more calls added but its always a minimum of 2 x per month

    - You also get a telegram group space for the ALL IN to network and mastermind with the other women in the community
    - You can network, chat, ask each other questions etc
    - I am not in this mastermind chat (however I have access and can pop in whenever I desire to chat and answer questions - this is not expected though as this is a bonus for the all in and not included)