Welcome to the 3 part series of courses that will completely change your life!




In this course bundle, you'll learn how to:

- The ACTUAL way to do inner child work, ego work & shadow work - simplified & unfiltered

- Finally find, understand and reconcile your core wounding & patterns to free your mind

- Understand the root cause of your toxic patterns
- Heal past traumas & limitations that are holding you back
- Break free from reactive, unhappy, & unfulfilled states
- Create a life of abundance & fulfillment (relationships, money, career, love)

This bundle is here to help you reconnect with your authentic self and heal old wounds, so you can finally get the answers you've been searching for your whole life.


 Inside the 3 Unique Courses!

  • Course | 1 | Inner Child | Homecoming
    MODULE ONE: Saying Hello - Understanding What is the Inner Child
    MODULE TWO: Discovering You - Finding your Inner Child
    MODULE THREE: Connection Playground - Connecting back to Self
    MODULE FOUR: Coming Home - Meeting your Own Needs
  • Course | 2 | Ego Attachments | Becoming Undone
    MODULE ONE: The Becoming of the Ego
    MODULE TWO: The Archetypes of the Ego
    MODULE THREE: The Attachment Styles of the Ego
    MODULE FOUR: The Death of the Ego
  • Course | 3 | Shadow Work | Duality
    MODULE ONE: The Disowned Self
    MODULE TWO: I Am; You Are
    WEEK THREE: I Am Not
    MODULE FOUR: Golden Girl
    MODULE FIVE: The Ruler
    MODULE SIX: Safety Within
    MODULE SEVEN: Letting Go
    MODULE EIGHT: The New World

  3 whole courses - 16 calls all up [ $5,900 value - You only pay 3! Saving $2,900 ]

  Implementable homework tasks to integrate & embody the wisdom
  A community of like minded humans, wanting deeper connection & growth
  Instant access to BINGE all course content & materials
  Lifetime access to all course content & materials

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Answering Your 

Burning Questions!

  • When do the courses start?
    - Homecoming - Instant Access to whole course
    - Becoming Undone - Instant Access to whole course
    - Duality - Instant Access to whole course
  • How much support is included?
    This is a go at your own pace program.
    If you need deeper support you can upgrade to deeper support with me also - Just send me a message!
  • How many calls are there?
    - HOMECOMING: There are 4 calls in total. 1 call each week for 4 weeks.
    - BECOMING UNDONE: There are 4 calls in total. 1 call each week for 4 weeks.
    - DUALITY: There are 8 calls in total. 1 call each week for 8 weeks.
  • What is the refund policy?
    - There are no options for a refund and no refunds will be processed after you have purchased.
    - If you choose a payment plan, you are legally obligated to pay the amount in full regardless or participation.
    - Please make your decision carefully before you buy as there will be no exceptions to this.
  • How do I book additional one-on-one calls?
    - You sure can - you will have the option to upgrade for more in depth 1:1 support at any time.
    - Email me hello@taylabubeck.com or DM me on instagram! @taylabubeck_
  • How are the calls structured?
    - These will be teaching modules; this whole course is very heavy education based.
    - There are slides for each module & this is a very thorough course.
    - The only self development courses you will need, you have these for a lifetime!

With these three courses on Inner Child work, Ego work, and Shadow work, you'll discover how to unmask your ego, unravel your concept of self, and challenge your relationships and communication in a whole new way.

My work is to help others find playful & fun within their healing journey.

Everyone asks how I have been able to see such huge success in my business, have such strong solid relationships, loose 38+kg and keep it off, and hold everything together "so well" - and it's this work. I am not special, I just love understanding the human psyche.

I have travelled to the depths of not only myself, but also do this work with my clients & I am no longer gate keeping - I am sharing. it all!

If you're ready to truly transcend the usual surface-level teachings 

you can find on Google, and dive into the deepest, most delicious work of 

inner child, ego and shadow, then you've come to the right place. ​ 

This is not just any courses. 

It's a unique blend of integrated psychotherapy practices, 

deep core wounding shadow work, attachment style theory, childhood neglect work, 

and much more, all with my own unique perspective, twists & flare. 

 This is a new conversation, new information, and a new way of thinking about 

human training that needs to be taught and spread to more people.