Master the Human Psyche:

The Revolutionary Coaching Program for Creating Safe, Impactful, and Profitable Client Relationships that Guarantee More Clients, More Money, More Retention, and Insane Results.

It's Time to Always be Coaching

with Unwavering Confidence & Leadership!

 FOR: coaches, mentors, practitioners, service based businesses that work with a human on the other end.


You're great, but it's time to level up & expand your skills even more!

Does this sound familiar??!

You desire to be seen as a leader, have clients getting insane results, and re-signing again & again & again. Plus people just land on your page & they're ready to pay you the big bucks.....


You’ve been taught how to work from a textbook or screen but not the human

You’re feeling like an imposter because there is a genuine gap in your skill set

You’ve been told that “you can lead a horse to water but not make it drink” and you apply that to every client that doesn’t get results instead of looking at your lack of coaching skills and taking responsibility


But you've never been taught how to work with the HUMAN - [Human Codes enter's the chat]


Crack the Code to Unleashing Your Clients' Potential: 

The Ultimate Course in Human Psyche Coaching

✓  6 calls - mix of pre-recorded calls & Q & A's [ $4,000+ value ]

✓  4 x in depth teaching calls

✓  1 x in depth Q&A recording

✓  1 x in depth Client Scenario call recording

✓  Real life feedback for your own clients

[ genuinely priceless ]

✓  Optional Upgrade Options for more 1:1 intimate mentorship


Take a peak at what we will be exploring throughout HUMAN CODES.
  • Session | 1 | The Ego
    This module explores how your ego & reactivity will be playing out in your coaching, your sales, your social media.

    We unpack how you can best utilize your awareness to stop reactivity & start acting from a place of neutrality.
  • Session | 2 | The Duality
    This module explores the duality of being a human, and working with humans.

    Dealing with the duality that comes with being in a service based role, being visible & making big money.

    We also explore when things are going on in your life - how to handle that and how to show up for your clients.
  • Session | 3| The Client
    This module explores the client. This is about how to create & cultivate safe relationships with your clients.

    From your instagram / social media - to your onboarding process & setting the container - to your time working with them & beyond.

    This is about having IMPACT when you actually don’t “think” you’re having impact.

    Leadership & embodiment at it’s core to create a space where your clients feel supported, seen & called forward.
  • Session | 4 | The Inquiry
    This module explores the inquiry process of how to create insane safety with your clients.

    This is going to be all about creating INSANE results for your clients & how to get the best out of your client sessions.

    How to ACTUALLY work with the human.
    This is not a framework.
    This is an APPROACH.
  • Q & A Call
    This was the half way point where we had a Q&A call. You can access the recording.
  • Client Scenario Call / Hot Seat Coaching
    This call was where client scenarios were submitted for deeper insight into how I would handle this to get clients insane results. This is TRULY valuable. This helps your coaching skills WAY more than any qualification! You can access the recording.

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I have a deep passion for helping people connect with their true human

potential, and I'm excited to share my unique approach with you. 

After years of coaching and leading my clients in a way that produced exceptional results, I realized that my approach was different from the norm. I knew there had to be a method to my madness, so I worked to identify the tangible elements of my approach and turned it into a program that I call Human Codes. 

This program represents the culmination of my years of experience and the most effective techniques I've developed for unlocking the human potential. 

I'm dying to share it with you so that you can achieve the same transformative results that my clients have experienced.


  • When does the course start?
    It is instant access to the course content.
    No more live rounds will be run of this course.
  • How many modules are there?
    MODULE #1 - The Ego
    MODULE #2 - The Duality
    MODULE #3 - Q&A recording
    MODULE #4 - The Client
    MODULE #5 - The Inquiry
    MODULE #6 - Q&A recording
  • Who is this course for?
    FOR: coaches, mentors, practitioners, service based businesses that work with a human on the other end. This is leadership, integrity & creating a safe container for your clients to get ACTUAL results.
  • What is the refund policy?
    This is strictly NO refunds. This is a digital online course. As soon as you make the payment, you are bound to legally pay the full payment regardless of participation. This is a legal obligation on your behalf when you sign up. Failing on payments can result in a thrid party debt collection agency following up.
  • How do I book additional one-on-one calls?
    Simply send me a private DM and we can organise that!
    Add on 1 Private Zoom Call = $1,000
    Add on 1 Private Zoom Call + 4 weeks What's App = $3,000
  • Is this included in the yearly experience, The Gifted Entrepreneur?
    YES - this is included in TGE.